It is through the heart that we learn and grow,

The courage to be open and honest with ourselves first and foremost.
Great freedom comes from transparency and a huge open heart.
Great love for yourself and all those beings around you, to the ends of the universe.

Allow yourself to be in that state of love, that divine connection,

For once your heart is open then the resources of the universe are at your fingertips,
This is when healing at the deepest levels can occur, on all planes, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.
It is time to grow, It is time to be honest and open,
It is time for peace within ourselves and without.

There is no better time than now!

Do you need assistance in helping you to reach these goals?
Raising your vibration to be even more in tune with your own divine connection.
Visionary, gentle healer, teacher and guide.

-with love always, Ananda.