“Every night I go and study at the University of the Universe, and every day I come back and put into practice what I have learnt.”

Ananda and her work

Ananda’s methods include: individual channelled journey, shamanic healing methods, sound healing, light languages, and channelling. These methods get to the core of the issue, and assist in enlightening the person. Ananda integrates Indigenous, earthly and universal wisdom assisting in whatever your soul needs in the moment, igniting your divine essence within.

Ananda assists in raising the heart’s vibration, so that they may be more full of love, more full of joy, more full of bliss, and initiate the growth towards oneness. She helps facilitates their connection with their higher self, and raises their vibration as they bring more of their divine soul into their physical body.

Ananda’s channelling in recent years has shifted from written, to spoken, becoming a universal light channel and now an “Embodied Soul Source Self” channel. This means that any Source directed wisdom, information, vibrational healing and attunements are delivered through her “Divine Source Self” through to her physical being.

The key to this gift has been letting go of the need to know whilst trusting the purity of the vibration and source of the channel. This takes daily immersion and continuous practice and study in the “Universal Self”, which she calls the “University of the Universe”.