Price List

One to one session (Skype)
(One hour and 30 minutes) $190.

Written channelling (October specials)
(30 minutes) $100.
(One hour and 30 minutes) $150.

Personal meditation /Guided Journey digital recording $300.

Animal whisper distant session healing and conversation $120.
(including transcript) $150.

Distant Healing / Attunement Session
(One hour) $120.

Special offer for 2020 – Recorded Light Language/Wisdom/ Prayer/Heart Activation. (10 -15 minutes) $120.

(one day) $150.
(two days) $300.

One to One Session

In a one to one session you are the focus, and your guides come in to support you as we help reveal and guide you to discover more of yourself.
Each individual is guided to reaffirm their own innate state of peace and love, so that they can begin to connect in this way for themselves.
This transformation is just the beginning of a journey of further awakening – whatever vibration you may currently hold, this session helps to increase your light vibration in your body, so that your soul and body can be more in a state of divine connection. Thereby, shedding the history and stories of attachment, and instead moving towards an existence derived from the pure heart of love, bliss, joy, beauty and peace.

Written Channelling

This is wisdom, advise and observances for your personal life, channelled from the heart of the universe for your heart, in order that you may understand yourself more deeply, and allow yourself to open your pure, blissful heart so that you may allow more joy and love into your life.

Energy Attunements

These are high vibrational energy attunements, delivered specifically from the heart of the universe.
These resources are unlimited, and each individual receives exactly what they need in that moment.

Animal Whispering Session

This is a distant one to one conversation that flows through me to your companion animal. I am able to communicate and tune in with them from afar, listening to their concerns, and helping them to uncover their blocks, fears and past traumas that come up for healing. These problems can cause physical problems.
To heal they are guided to source light and energy, the heart of the universe. This reminds them of the divine essence that they are and helps to allow the dropping away of fears and anxieties.
Each session is unique, purely guided by spirit to be of best service to the animal being that is present for healing.


During these “Connections of the Heart” workshops, the group works together energetically, thus enabling everyone to experience deep personal transformation, insight, remembering, connection, love, joy, peace and beauty.
You are guided and totally supported as you allow yourself to open more to your true inner heart, your soul’s vibration, thus enhancing the state of connection between you and the divine to strengthen you.
Each workshop might include guided journeys, channelled wisdom and teachings, tools to help manage your vibrational and heart centred growth and awakening and integration of soul light into the body, light language activations…..and more!
The key is not to have any fixed expectations, to instead just be ready to open your heart and surrender to your own bliss which then flows from your heart.

The most common feedback is “I wasn’t expecting that!” (said with wonder). Ananda guarantees you will experience deep peace, and love …a feeling of returning to soul self.

Obviously whatever you would like to focus on, can be worked with. Ananda has great metaphysical resources to use for any requirements, since it is channelled whatever is needed just comes in. These include channelled sound, words, vibration, healing, shamanic tools, soul retrieval, and personal attunements.